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We aim to be the industry's preferred partner in production optimisation

Who's a part of BILA Group?

"BILA Group aims to consolidate the automation sector and establish itself as a robust optimisation partner for manufacturing companies in Scandinavia"


Johan Blach Petersen, Chairman of the Board, BILA Group

Together, we transform the future of industry

  • Diverse approaches, unified objective: BILA Group develops, constructs, and deploys cutting-edge equipment and solutions designed to enhance production efficiency, ultimately driving revenue growth and bolstering competitiveness.

  • BILA Group offers an extensive range of high-tech, innovative automation solutions designed to optimise production and internal logistics for companies globally.

  • Robots bring a multitude of opportunities and represent an innovative way to address various production challenges. Robotic solutions not only enhance efficiency but also add significant value to processes. The implementation of robots enables the optimisation of business operations, increased productivity, and enhanced precision.

  • Automating transportation and logistics enhances the efficiency of supply chains by minimising errors and facilitating expedited delivery. This leads to a more streamlined and cost-effective logistics framework, fortified by precise and automated processes.

  • Harness the power of data to optimise operations today and experience the impact tomorrow. Utilising data provides a factual foundation for identifying areas of improvement – a critical advantage in a world where every minute counts.

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Scandinavia's leading service team

As the leading service organisation within automation, we play a crucial role in keeping the wheels of production turning.

Join the largest automation company in the Nordics

Collaborate on cutting-edge technologies and dynamic projects alongside driven colleagues distinguished by a shared sense of ambition and humour.

Unified competencies for every industry

Regardless of your industry, we've got you covered.

Over the years, BILA Group has expanded its expertise and product offerings to meet automation needs at all levels across industries. This ensures that our customers benefit from the knowledge shared seamlessly across the automation spectrum for various sectors.

Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive advice, offering a 360-degree perspective on how to best fulfil your automation aspirations.