More than technology

While technology is vital for productivity, success hinges on people.


Leveraging our expertise, experience, and practical approach, we steer your company toward enhanced productivity and profitability through robotic technology, logistics automation, and production equipment.

Tailored solutions for every need

"We believe automation, production optimisation, and robotics should be as accessible as possible. We aim to empower Scandinavian companies to stay competitive in the future."


5 word characterising BILA Group

  • We pride ourselves on being nerds. At the same time, we are diligent and decent people who take responsibility, and we keep going until the job is done.

  • Goals are within reach through determination and collaboration, especially when we join forces. This applies both internally and externally. At BILA Group, we leverage our collective expertise, working closely to craft optimal solutions. But it's not just about collaboration within; we also seek a strong partnership with our customers. We aim to be more than a supplier—we aspire to be a strategic partner for our customers.

  • Trademanship and profitability are always at the forefront of our facilities and products – for ourselves and our customers. 

  • Expressing your thoughts is not just encouraged – it's an obligation. We prioritise honesty, transparency, feedback, and the sharing of knowledge. Effective communication stands as a cornerstone in our pursuit of success.

  • Flexibility has evolved into a prevalent term, and at BILA Group, it stands as a pivotal principle.


    Our adaptability extends to our solutions; we engage in every phase of a project. Should the project undergo continuous changes, we adapt. Rather than shying away from challenges, we embrace them.


    Moreover, flexibility is ingrained in our corporate culture. Recognising that our employees are integral to our success, we prioritise a work environment that allows individuals to thrive. While rooted in the traditional virtues of the manufacturing sector, we also champion employee flexibility.

"The integration of our portfolio and technological expertise marks a substantial amplification of the capabilities essential for advancing not only our own but also our clients' global success. As BILA Group continues to excel, the industry benefits from amplified efficiency gains."


Jan B. Sørensen, CEO of BILA Group.

The BILA Group history